YOU ARE HERE NOW / The Worthing Gig

Singer songwriter, Lisa Loggenberg, 16yrs, shares how she started gigging in Worthing


You live in Worthing with your parents. Is it a musical household?
Yes, I went to church with my parents who sang in the choir. I took a big interest and wanted to sing. My Dad also plays clarinet, which made me want to take up an instrument and I chose piano.

We used to have talent shows at Christmas. Three families would get together and sing. It was my favourite thing and people said I was really good, so I just wanted to do more to see if I could get better.

How did you get your first gig?
I was really nervous just singing in front of my family. It took a long time to build my confidence but I had a lot of support from family and friends. My friend Christelle was gigging way before me. She put me in touch with her contacts, I would never have known these people existed without her help.

Favourite Worthing venues?
I like singing at The Warwick and the Alehouse & Kitchen in town. I know everyone there. People help you. Susi Pepper-Smith always gets me involved and into new places and Jax Perry helps showcase young people and build our confidence. I recently sang at Sundowners. It’s the first time I’d been on a proper stage & it felt good with the audience paying attention. Favourite place Here & Now?
I love the beach. The Pier. It’s so peaceful. I go to the beach sometimes to get inspiration! The waves. The stars at night sitting down Goring Gap with my friends contemplating your life!

What’s next?
I just started at Northbrook College. I wanted to go and believe I was meant to be there and I feel very comfortable. Everyone is so friendly; we are all on the same journey.