With the new Time For Worthing place brand encouraging all of us to make some noise about Worthing, just before lockdown we took to the streets for The Final Word to ask “What is one thing about Worthing that you would like more people to appreciate?” Life in Worthing has changed considerably since then and we wish all businesses and attractions affected by Covid-19 the best for a speedy recovery as we slowly move out of lockdown.

This is what you told us…

Pat talks about what she loves in Worthing

“I love Worthing.” Patt

Pat “I love Worthing and have been here for about 40 years. The town centre is getting better, which is good; I love it when they have the things on the seafront, the festivals and the great big wheel and we have the market in the town centre as well which is lovely. It changes every year. A lot of people think there is nothing going on in Worthing, but there actually is, you just might have to hunt for it a little bit.”

Louise “I really like the positioning of where Worthing is, between the South Downs and the sea. I think we have a nice mix with the hustle and bustle of the town with the shops and restaurants, but you can easily get away and go down to the beach or up to the Downs.”

Maggie “I think the pier. I think it is a feelgood thing when you go on there, especially now The Perch are going to be opening on the end.”

Emmanuel “The seafront is beautiful. It’s a peaceful town and the people are friendly.”

Amy and Becca

Amy (on the right) & Becca

Tom “For me, it’s the actual pure location of Worthing itself with the assets of the seaside, the promenade – which is beautiful – and the South Downs just up the road. People need to take advantage of those natural beauties.”

Amy & Becca “There are so many nice little places popping up; look at all the new pubs and cafes, especially down Warwick Street, with quite a lot of specialists like ale houses and stuff like that. And other new businesses as well; there are a couple of escape rooms that have recently opened in east Worthing and in the town centre. They are getting people out and doing different things that Worthing’s never had before.”

Next issue, The Final Word asks “what’s the one thing you look forward to doing or seeing as we safely move out of lockdown?” You can leave your thoughts on this question on our Facebook feed. Stay safe, we look forward to seeing you!

By Sarah Filfil

The Final Word images by Sarah. Sarah joined the Here & Now team for her work experience week from Davison High School 

See April issue, page 38 for the full article.