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More and more creative people are choosing Worthing as their home town. People like choreographer Jennifer Irons and audio visual artist Zach Walker, who together form makeAMPLIFY.

THEY’VE WORKED AROUND THE WORLD, helping people to tell their stories through large installations and interactive live performances that reveal the beauty in the hidden, ignored, discarded or forgotten. They’ve worked with DJ Shadow and Moby. They worked on the official opening of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the launch of Hull UK City of Culture in 2017. That all sounds great; but what can they do in Worthing?

“We want to work where we live”, says Zach. “We want to do some big community storytelling in Worthing with projection, light, sound and movement. That’s what we’re good at.”

He’s already run some workshops in Heene Community Centre, and now he’s planning on getting into the museum and the schools. He wants young people to get their hands dirty, helping to create sound sculptures out of cornflour and water. “I’m interested in how things work and how they break and doing it in a creative way. I used to work in a hi-fi shop where I learned not to be precious about the speakers – there are always more of them. So we lay them on their backs and pour water into them. We light them and film them.”

Zach is serious about education being fun. “I want to work with the schools on their science and their arts, maybe even maths and English as well. Science is super interesting if it’s done right, letting young people play with the materials, making the changes themselves rather than watching someone else do it. With art, so much of it can be scientifically explained, so if you can provide an opportunity where you can play with art and learn about science then that’s the best of both worlds. There’s not much room in education right now for things that are playful. It might be my life goal to develop the lesson plans and the documentation methods that prove how learning can take place in this way.”

He’s also talking to Worthing Museum about bringing the artefacts to life, enhancing their appeal to young people who might not otherwise take a second look. “We can create movement by filming the object and projecting that film back onto the object itself. And we can create a soundtrack to go with it.”

If you want to see Zach’s work for yourself, then watch out for his big installation at Colonnade House, February 5-10. He’s describing it as “a massive sculpture, with projection and lasers” and he’s hoping to run it alongside some after-school workshops and through into the evenings, so it shouldn’t be too hard to spot. He’s working where he lives and he wants us all to join in.


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See MakeAMPLIFY’s work in this video from their Facebook page.

Another fun day with art & young people in Worthing. Looking forward to the final interactive demonstration at Sound House Studios with LASERS! on Sunday December 2nd from 3- 4:30pm. #fun #science #visualisingvibrations #sculpture #worthing #sound #subwoofers #lights #bass #free #art #installationart #interactiveart #abletonlive

Posted by Makeamplify on Sunday, 18 November 2018