Why go?

For the range of quality local beer and ales on tap. For the company of passionate, knowledgeable owners, who are proud of their independence and fiercely community-minded.

FOR THE INTIMATE ATMOSPHERE; the Georgi Fin used to be a gentleman’s outfitters, while the Old Bike Store was (unsurprisingly) once a bike store.
Who goes there? Well, you! People who are happy to ditch the social media and socialise. As owner of Beer No Evil Gareth Harries put it, “We see Beer No Evil as a kind of coffee shop where you buy beer instead of coffee.”

So they have beer… what else? Beer may be front and centre, but you will often find a handpicked selection of local ciders, perries, wine, plus niche spirits such as gin. The Grizzly Bear has pro-biotic drink Kombucha on keg. Anchored in Worthing sells Sussex ciders.

What’s the snack situation? Friendly arrangements with nearby eateries means anything from locally sourced biltong and takeaway tapas at Rincon de Pepe (Green Man), to sandwiches from neighbours Bosun’s Cafe (Anchored) or The Pantry (Brooksteed).

One last thing… look up their events listings. If you enjoy quiz nights, crib nights, talks from serial killer profilers, folk instruments, brewing clubs, ghost stories or even beer festivals, there will be an event to suit at a micro pub near you.

Anchored in Worthing, 27 West Buildings
Beer No Evil, 82 Brighton Road
Brooksteed, 38 South Farm Road (look out for the penny farthing)
Green Man, 17 South Street
Old Bike Store, 65 Brighton Road
The Georgi Fin, 54 Goring Road
The Grizzly Bear, 33 South Street

By Zoe Rhodes