To celebrate their fifth birthday, Worthing’s ‘SKEPTICS IN THE PUB’ are holding a ‘WE ARE FIVE’ party, 24 Oct. Half of ‘The Infinite Monkey Cage’ giving a talk! We caught up with John from the Skeptics to give us the lowdown on the group.

H&N: What’s this Skeptics in a Pub deal all about? JOHN: The Skeptics are like a live event for people who enjoy QI on television; people who find information entertaining. People tell us what they would like us to cover and our committee considers them. We deal with topics on scientific developments and social issues. It’s a brain stimulating evening in a pub! What’s not to like?

H&N: If you could have anyone in the world come to do a talk, who would it be?

JOHN: Neil de Grasse Tyson

H&N: Who organises the events and how often are they held? 

JOHN: We are a not for profit organisation operated entirely by volunteers. We have held an event every month since Oct 2013.

So there you have it! Everyone is welcome. £5 entry, starts 8pm, the Grand Victoria Hotel function room (by Worthing station). See for booking info, future talks and locations.