The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness begins. After the end of summer’s bright days, how can we welcome the return of darker evenings? At Worthing Light Festival!

3-D WORKS BY LOCAL ARTISTS can be seen by day, but rise to brilliance in the dark (around 9pm) and stay like that all night. The pieces will be on the beach in front of East Beach Studios, near Coast Café, from midday Friday 14th September until midday Sunday 16th September.

With funding this year from Arts Council England’s Lottery Fund, and WSCC small grants fund, this event, organised by EAST BEACH ARTISTS’ COLLECTIVE, is free and includes entertainment both evenings; light sabre wielding by Jedi knights in training (members of the Worthing branch of the Silver Sabre Academy) and fire dancing by members of Poi Passion, wearing LEDs on their costumes. Wow!

“It’s our gift to the community,” said local artist Jessica Gill, one of the organising team. “It’s out there, on the beach, anyone can see it; it’s local, it’s pretty.”

It will also be pretty amazing for two prize winners. Prize money of £100 for the under 16 category has been donated by the Ardington Hotel, and Simon Margaroli will be one of the judges. Well known local artist Alison Lapper is head judge, and 12 year old Harvey Lonsdale is the youngest judge.

£100 prize money has been allocated by the collective for the over 16 category. Kate’s Cakes and I Love Candy have sponsored goodies for 100 Midnight Feast bags, being given away free at 9pm Friday 14th, on a first come first served basis.

CREATIVE WAVES are providing workshops during the festival which explore the relationship between science and art, and visitors will note that the artworks on display are illuminated using renewable energy. Ingenuity, imagination and artistry combine to make a stunning show… have you ever seen a Lagonda angel?

Hazel Imbert

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