Review of ‘Turn of the Screw’ Connaught Theatre, Worthing | 18 April 2018

In a switchback production of Henry James’ novella as play, the audience were twisted and turned by the action as it presented the characters in a present and then back 30 years, and then in a present. The events of thirty years before were acted out, with other ghostly figures appearing. The small cast turned and turned about to represent themselves at different ages, and as mysterious others. The repercussions of the strange and fearful time in the past, when the governess believed malign deceased spirits were controlling the children, are felt in the present; the governess is then faced with her past actions and we, the audience are left to decide whether the ghosts and their malevolence were real, or was the governess hypersensitive and deluded? The debate goes on. The production was clever and effective, causing many a start and a shock.

Directed by Tim Luscombe

Cast:   Maggie McCarthy, Carli Norris, Michael Hanratty, Annabel Smith

Hazel Imbert, Arts Correspondent, Here & Now