YOU ARE HERE NOW / Review of ‘From Scratch’

Last night’s ‘From Scratch’ show in Bar 42 was a great musical experience. With vibes from lo-fi to soul to rap and RnB, there was a wide selection of music to dance and sing along to.

The acts represented Worthing’s diverse and youthful music scene and clearly portrayed the many ways in which song can be used to express oneself. The young artists, many of whom attend/have attended Northbrook MET, used their sound as more than entertainment for their audiences, but as a means of conveying important social and political messages and as a means of processing their emotions, displaying the depth of their artistic capabilities.

Young Boudicca was one of the talented acts that came on stage. She gave the audience and her fans a wide variety of beats, music styles and themes. One of my favourite songs she performed was ‘Tip-Toes’ a fun upbeat song with great dynamics and sick beat drops. I was truly blown away by her stage presence!

Another one of the many acts that made me want to get up and dance was ‘Jacob Aaron and The Reign’. This group of musicians blew me away with their entire performance, everything from Jacob Aaron’s soulful vocals to their bass player’s relaxed and free sound was on point.

Congratulations to all the performers, Down South, Mei, Boudicca, Jacob Aaron and The Reign and Kid Ivy! The night was an all out success and really showcased all the upcoming talent in Worthing! The lighting and visuals from As Described were great and matched perfectly with each set.

I was truly impressed by all the talented performers. Thanks Bar 42 for being such great hosts as per usual.

Katlo, degree student at Northbrook MET and live music fan