We asked you for your ‘Reasons to be cheerful, living in Worthing’.

Alex Pontet summed it up nicely for many:
“Worthing is up-and-coming and yet it retains its quiet, understated seaside town charm; you can have a good night
out at a flash bar or traditional pub, but equally spend your time relaxing on the beach or a park, without the extreme hustle and bustle of Brighton.
New restaurants, bars and other examples of rejuvenation can be seen, making the future of Worthing something to look forward to – Brighton, by contrast, while still exciting, is now sort of stilted (where
else can it go?); but Worthing is still evolving, going through an almost resurgence.
The beach is NOT like Brighton, and for me that’s the draw; it’s the contrast to Brighton makes it highly appealing, rather than the usual – ‘there’s a beach’ – it’s a better beach!”

More reasons…

The Social Vibe
“I think Worthing is a really exciting community to be a part of at the moment. There seems to be a much greater investment into the social side of things in recent years – like the food festival, the fireworks event and the Christmas markets and ice skating”
Katie Austin

The Beach
“Beach walks & winter sunsets…”
Sawyers Estate Agents

The Community
“I love the sense of community and new ideas and groups forming. There’s a more inclusive atmosphere here.”