Kenny Tutt was crowned the winner of MasterChef, achieving the title ahead of 55 other determined cooks in the amateur chef competition.

KENNY CLEARLY HAS EXCITING VISTAS opening up before him. Here & Now caught up with him to find out more about the ex Durrington High and Northbrook pupil and what’s next for the Bank Manager from Worthing.

Who taught you to cook and when did you start cooking?

When I was young. I’ve always been interested in food, Mum was a good cook and I just picked it up from there. I originally wanted to be an air pilot possibly in uniform but although I was in the Air Cadets it wasn’t to be and I’ve worked happily in banking for 18 years!

What is the most important bit of kit in your kitchen?

Great knives are the most important thing for me. I have to have a great set and a decent sauté pan that can also go in the oven.

What is your most well-thumbed cookery book?

Michel Roux book on Sauces is one I’ve used a lot. You can do a lot with a jus or a good sauce!

MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace serves up food descriptions that often cause a stir and 2018 was no exception! What was your favourite?

This one was from John Torrode, when he described a dish as “of restaurant standard” and said it was “heart thumpingly good”, that was pretty special for me.

What did you feel was the best thing you cooked in the competition?

My final dish for the last challenge; roast scallops, followed by pigeon breast and finished up with a bitter chocolate and ale ice cream dessert, which is the modern British food I love.

What is your favourite food at home?

I love fish and shellfish, also a good steak. In fact all the classics.

…To find out how Kenny would improve Worthing and also who he’d love to rave on Worthing beach with, check out the full interview in Here & Now’s latest issue!