New places are popping up in Worthing all of the time: bars, restaurants, hundreds of upcycled item shops for some reason.

BUT AS MUCH AS I FEEL WE SHOULD start to treasure these new places, I also feel that we need to remember the history of the place we’re living in, and I don’t mean ancient history either, I mean the people’s history. We should remember the pubs where people had their first kiss that have since closed down, the Teville Gates where people smoked their first ridiculous cigarettes, the Beach Parties where people drank their first back of the cupboard cocktails. These places, and these stories are disappearing, albeit being replaced with new memories and stories. The Royal Oak, where many of my formative experiences (my second ever live performance, my first ever barring) happened, is changing into a new pub, but I want to keep my memories safe, and I have an idea how.

The People’s Walking Tour of Worthing

EVERYONE WHO FANCIES IT, can record a story about a place in Worthing. We start from when you get off the train, because I once did a wee on some signs directly after getting off the train, and the Grand Victoria certainly holds a few stories. Everyone who has a story about any place in Worthing, no matter how big or small, can record their tale. We then stitch together all the stories in order of direction, going towards the beach. This will be offered up as a download for any visitors to Worthing, or even residents who want to get to know their fellow Worthingites a bit better. If two people have a story about the same place, the listener is offered a choice, as well as a choice of directions to travel towards the beach in.

Of course, in time, the Broadwater expansion and the Goring and Durrington expansion will come out, as well as the Lancing expansion. But if you have a story to tell about a place in Worthing, do you think you’d be up for telling it?

Have a story to tell? Email Joe at