… What hits you first are huge photographs by the very ‘now’ artist Juno Calypso from her ‘Honeymoon’ series, featuring the artist alone in a lavish suite of a honeymoon hotel; the images, posed and photographed by the artist herself, are strangely erotic and solitary.

Curated by Sarah Kathryn Cleaver, the work of the eight women artists reflects her fascination with the
‘allure and horror of solitude’.

All of the exhibits in this fantastic show are thought provoking, and the Art Gallery has organised a
series of talks to enable visitors to discuss aspects of the works and their wider significance; in the third
of the four talks, a speaker from London’s School of Life will discuss isolation as a mental health issue;
in the last of the four talks, Monday August 21st, the curator and one of the artists, Kirsty Buchanan, will explore the idea of solitude as a feminist issue.

Talks –
Mon 24 July 7pm
Sarah Stein Lubrano from the School of Life talks about Outsider art, isolation and loneliness as a
mental health issue.
Mon 21 August 7pm
Sarah Kathryn Cleaver (curator) and Kirsty Buchanan (artist) explore the
idea of solitude as a feminist issue.

Plus films!
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