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To celebrate Worthing Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, we invited local folk from a variety of Worthing groups to speak about the importance of making connections within our communities and how getting involved can prevent us from getting down…

With many thanks to Denise Stanborough for her work on this article.

Here’s a snippet of the article; the full piece can be found on page 21 of our October issue.

The Worthing Laughter Therapy Group leader, Lesley Raphael –
“A few years ago, I found myself in a very dark place and hit rock bottom. I guess I asked the Universe for help
and found myself typing the word ‘laughter’ into Google.
From there I discovered laughter clubs and eventually trained as a laughter leader. Here’s something most people don’t know… the brain can’t tell the difference between real and fake laughter. If you pretend
laugh, you’ll still benefit from a flood of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that produces feelings of happiness.
The group is made up of different ages, gender and backgrounds. One woman hadn’t laughed in the four years since her father had died, another was told off as a child for laughing and others use laughter sessions as a form of pain relief. It’s really like a form of exercise too”…

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