YOU ARE HERE NOW / Art on the Pier

There’s always something cultural going on in Worthing. Right on our doorsteps, much of it free and and all of it inspiring and interesting.

DOWN ON THE PIER, you will have noticed the glorious rainbow coloured panels, attracting the attention of photographers and visitors alike. These have been extended right to the southern end of the central windbreak. They now frame the new exhibitions installed in conjunction with Creative Waves’ new Heritage Lottery funded project Pop Up on the Prom.

This ongoing project celebrates 200 years of Worthing’s seaside heritage, focussing on the social history and the changes along the promenade since the first section was built in 1819.

Creative Waves is run by local artists Nadia Chalk and Vanessa Breen, who design and organise projects which involve research and development of ideas from local sources, like the Museum and Art Gallery, and the archives of the Library. Children and adults have the opportunity to express a response to the research through all forms of art, in workshops, working independently, or at school. The current project, Pop Up on the Prom, is using some official archive materials, but Nadia and Nessy are keen to include your old photographs, and family stories relating to the seafront, so if you would like to be involved, please do contact Nadia directly;

If you would like to read more about Worthing’s art and check out some of the art listings, grab a copy of the magazine!

Hazel Imbert