THIS SUMMER CHILDREN WILL BE CHALLENGED to solve a mystery at their local library with the Animal Agents gang. Bart the Bloodhound, Daisy Rabbit, Bernice the bear and Slip and Slide the snake twins, need help to sort out a mystery down at the library.

It is free to take part and you can collect fun rewards as you read books through the holidays. Children may choose the library books they like and your local library has a great selection waiting for you – from picture books for pre-schoolers, stories and comic books for older children and information books about every topic – the choice is yours!Once you have your library card you can even register with the challenge online this year before the start date. After registering for the challenge children need to visit the library any time from Saturday 15 July and will be rewarded with a special Animal Agents wristband. They then collect clues about the mystery as they read books through the summer, coming back to the library to tell us what they have read. Special stickers will help children solve the mystery. Children may crack the crime after reading six books and will be rewarded with a special Animal Agents certificate and medal.

The Summer Reading Challenge is free and an easy way to encourage children to enjoy reading over the summer holiday and it runs until Saturday 16th September.

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