It started slowly at first, with a handful of people who believed in their town; who wanted to make things better.

People who thought Worthing was more than its rundown, in-need-of-regeneration reputation. All of a sudden, more lovely little shops and cafes popped up, some great events were put on.

The changes sped up. And then people started to notice something a little electric in the air. We would overhear conversations in the street: ‘there’s a real buzz about Worthing’, they’d say. ‘The town feels different’, ‘I’m really excited about living here’. ‘I’m really proud of my town’.

For us at HERE & NOW, that last one was the clincher. We’re proud of our town too, and we want to support its growth and evolution. When we started talking to people about what the town needed and how we could help, we found that they were overwhelmingly positive about Worthing. They didn’t want to listen to any more complaints about Teville Gate or the Guildbourne Centre. They wanted to say yes to new things. They wanted to do something. They wanted to be a part of something.

And so Here & Now was born.

We realised that the best way we could join the growing buzz was by creating a vehicle for bringing together all those people who are saying yes, who are doing and creating.

So now there is this thing you’re holding in your hands: a monthly magazine for all the best events and experiences in and around Worthing, to help residents and visitors get the best from the town.

Since our first issue back in October 2016, we’ve met countless brilliant people, all of whom have only firmed up our beliefs that Worthing is one of the best places to live this side of a desert island with a free bar. We want to say a huge public thank you to our advertisers, writers, photographers, friends & family and our distributor and original founding partner, Mike at Worthing Direct, all of whom continue to support us.

We want to work in partnership with you, with the community, and support the people who are out there creating opportunities to make our town a better place to live. So, if you’re HERE & NOW in Worthing & would like to contribute, please get in touch at


Publisher & Editor

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