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We caught up with Phil Duckett, co-owner of Worthing Pier’s Southern Pavilion, after the pier was crowned Pier of the Year 2019, the second time the Grade II-listed Art Deco structure has been awarded the title.

Congratulations on the win!

Thanks! The exciting thing is it’s partly because of the refurb, along with Creative Waves with their art and heritage projects, Worthing Theatres, the amusements, Worthing Journal initiative ‘windows on the pier’, support from the council; everyone together batting on the same wicket has brought something to Worthing that people have acknowledged. It’s a great achievement and I am really proud to be a small part of that.

Why Worthing?

I think Worthing is a great place; it’s got so much potential, I feel like there’s a movement happening and it’s exciting to be involved in something like that. It’s a very diversified town with lots of people within their own fields and their own groups, all pushing forwards. I think I’ll be here for the rest of my life.

What piece of music has changed your life?

I grew up listening to soul: Motown, Stax and Atlantic. From the age of 15, I used to go to the all-nighters playing Northern Soul like Wigan Casino in the 70s. Even today, as soon as you hear it, it just feels right.

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Someone who has patience and hopefully a sense of humour. I’m open to anyone, as long as they have those things – and I get 10% royalty!

What would you donate to Worthing Museum?

I would donate the original drawings and plans of the Pier from 1861, designed by Sir Robert Rawlinson.

And finally, when were you happiest?

The best happiness is still to come, or there’s no use getting out of bed in the morning. I’ve got to feel that this day is going to be a great day, otherwise what’s it all about?


Phil will be launching Worthing’s first-ever Oktoberfest on 4-6 October in Steyne Gardens with lederhosen, a Bavarian oompah band and a 20-metre bar. Info and tickets


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