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As we gear up for the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Here & Now chatted to Worthing-born and bred Brenock O’Connor, who as farm boy-turned-steward Olly stabbed fan favourite Jon Snow through the heart (and in the back) right at the end of season five.

How long have you lived in Worthing?

My whole life! I was born in Worthing hospital and I’ve lived in the same house ever since. I’m in the process of moving up to London now, but it’s always been Worthing.

What do you love about Worthing?

I really enjoy busking in Worthing, I’ve gotta be honest. I like the people in the streets, they seem to always have time for musicians. It’s a good bit of fun to pass the time!

What has been one of your most embarrassing moments?

I think any blooper I’ve done on any job! There’s one in Game of Thrones where I’m doing a sword training scene with Jon. I wanted to do this cool fighting thing, I was 14 and I was like “Yeah, I’m gonna be a cool action hero, I’ve got a sword in my hand”, and I just tripped myself up and landed on my arse.

If you could bring anything extinct back to life, what would it be?

The blue parrot from Rio. It’s such a good film, I really enjoy it and now I can only watch it knowing we failed on that one!

What piece of music has changed your life?

There’s a brilliant album called Sleep by Max Richter. I was doing a piece of theatre in Bath and we used a track from that in one of the scenes. Now I listen to it every time I get a new script sent through. It lets you zone out of the noise of the real world and focus, which makes script reading a lot easier.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I wanted to be a scientist but I didn’t live the dream long enough to pick which part of science before I fell into acting. I did pantomime, and went “This is fun”, so I joined Worthing Musical Comedy Society for a couple of years. Then I moved into The Theatre Workshop in Brighton which had an agency attached, and it all fell into place from there. I enjoyed acting but I never decided it would be a career, it just sort of happened!

What single thing would you do to improve Worthing?

 I think I’d have a better mental health centre because there’s a lot of troubled teens in Worthing from my experience, having been one myself and still being one. There’s not really anywhere you can go until you get into Brighton, or not that I was told about, so I think it would probably be that that is needed.

What was the last event you paid to go to in Worthing?

It was Newton Faulkner at the Assembly Halls. He was insane; he did this one song where he unplugged his guitar, stepped away from the microphone and just sang and it was brilliant.

And finally…who do you think will sit on the Iron Throne?

Haha! I want to say Jon (obviously) but I really think the Night King is unbeatable. Who knows though!

Interview by Abi Else

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