Image by Karina Mansfield

Ant Dickinson and his business partner Barrie Reading are taking over Coast Cafe.

Here & Now’s editor first met Ant in Feast many years ago, and recalls his cajoling customers into supporting the latest community events before asking, “do you want granary, brown or white on that…”

“WHY WORTHING, ANT?” has been long overdue!

Why Worthing?
We were living in London, thinking of moving, and friends Andy and Sarah who now run the Crabshack invited me down for a game of golf. After a great game up at Hill Barn, on top of the hill, the town spread out below us, and the sun glistening on the sea: I was smitten.

When were you happiest?
On our wedding day, which was also the day of the classic 90s Euro Football match between England and Scotland when Gazza scored that great goal and the fun with the water bottles.

Which piece of music changed your life?
At school, I was in the Prog gang, but then I heard the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever – on cassette. Disco blew me away and changed everything!

Who would you like to invite to rave with on Worthing Beach?
I’d ask all the people I used to rave with in the early 90s, when it really was raving – who better?

What single thing would most improve Worthing?
Well, for planning the future of the town, how about assembling a truly representative diverse advisory panel of about 100 people, from young to old, property owners to renters to the homeless, who actually live here, rather than commute in for work, and to ask them about what’s needed?

What would you donate to Worthing Museum?
Maybe my red walkman, but actually my favourite piece of art by the truly incredible Paul Aroe Barlow. He’s a genius.

What was the last event you paid to attend in Worthing?
Craig Charles at the Southern Pavilion!

Mike Pailthorpe interviewed Ant Dickinson