YOU ARE HERE NOW / 2 Years, Worthing!

How did this happen?

THIS ISSUE CELEBRATES OUR 2ND ANNIVERSARY sharing all the good stuff that goes on in and around Worthing!

How did this happen? You lovely people out there in our community have stayed busy, filling our pages with opportunities and events that make our town such a great place to live.

It happened because Here & Now is fortunate to have the support of an amazing team of people, who share their passion and knowledge of Worthing and what’s going on around here. A huge thank you to all who have written, created and supplied images, designed, distributed and promoted Here & Now. Not everyone is
featured in this issue, you know who you are!

It happened because you, the reader, connected with and supported our advertisers, who we rely on to publish this magazine. If you are an advertiser, thank you, and we love hearing your success stories too!

There’s so much going on here in Worthing, just take a look at the listings!

Frances, Editor